Cars in their most precious form.

Classic cars, iconic one-offs, exclusive supercars.

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The car you're looking for.

The search is essential for ensuring the complete satisfaction of every car or racing enthusiast, especially for newcomers to the field.

Thanks to the dual benefit of established collectors and professional brokers, Milano Classiche has full, structured access to the best international networks, with experts to manage the long and complicated process of sourcing, selecting and buying a vehicle.

Anywhere in the world.

The international Milano Classiche network is available to anyone wishing to satisfactorily sell a car or anyone planning to discreetly identify a new owner for their car ‘off-market’.

As a reliable, established private broker, Milano Classiche is the ideal partner for organising and managing private transactions, buying and selling cars that are rich in history and unique in value.


Passion and experience in the driving seat.

As expert enthusiasts who can turn dreams into reality and best interpret the approach to this field, Milano Classiche specialists can guide the sourcing and selection process among unique, reliable and worthy propositions, in complete confidentiality and in accordance with the requirements of the buyer or seller.

Time - a precious commodity.

The dream of owning a unique model, a particular piece of history or icon from the past, often requires time and complex negotiations. Milano Classiche identifies the best options and conditions, leaving enthusiasts free to concentrate solely on the final and most satisfying stages of a purchase.

Fine tuning, maintenance and storage.

Time is what adds value to the history of a vehicle, as well as the daily care required to preserve a classic car. Milano Classiche can help by providing specialist full or partial restoration services, aesthetic improvements, fine tuning, maintenance and storage in protected areas, while guaranteeing confidentiality for owners.

Added value designed for every enthusiast.

At The Box, the passion for collecting is combined with art and fine dining, with the support of a restoration workshop and the Olio Restaurant & Cocktail Bar within an architecturally stunning setting embellished with contemporary art.

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