Unique stories to be conveyed and driven.

It all started with the collection of cars gathered by the Milini family following years of enthusiastic searches, including the iconic Lancia of the 1950s, the GT, the Spider featured in the Dolce Vita in the 1960s, the famous British models of cinema, the super-sporty Alfa Romeos, and the complete Mercedes SL series. The selection of more than 100 models now extends to the modern era with the 8-cylinder Ferrari of the 1990s and noughties, and various collectables among the most famous German models.

Each model encapsulates many experiences shared with industry specialists, which are now organised and encased within Milano Classiche as an ideal hub for enthusiasts from all over the world to buy and sell extraordinary cars.

Italian soul, cosmopolitan spirit.

Dedication to sourcing very rare cars in the world unites the souls of collectors and professional brokers, with the aim of providing specialist, targeted support to meet the requirements both of the most selective international collectors, in addition to newcomers to the world of classic cars.

As the Italian capital of stylish design and a key cosmopolitan reference in motoring, Milan is the city celebrated in the name of the brand which is keeping the unique approach to 20th century Italian cars alive, developing it into an essential reality for anyone seeking new thrills and old passions on four wheels.


Milano Classiche was established by combining two complementary approaches to vintage motor racing embodied in the experience and dedication of its founders, and is now an ideal point of contact for enthusiasts.

Lorenzo Carraro

“Passion can't be described, it can only be experienced”
// Enzo Ferrari

Paolo Milini

“When it's just right, an engine delivers incomparable music”
// Juan Manuel Fangio

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